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starstruckicons's Journal

Star Struck Icons
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to Star Struck Icons here you are able to find and request celebrity-based icons. There are a few rules though so please read through them before joining the community.


1. All icons that are posted/requested must be celebrity based. Meaning no icons of animals, flowers etc.
2. When posting more than 3 icons please use a LJ-cut. You can find out how to do that by going here.
3. Always give credit where credit is due. If you take someone's icon that's posted remember to credit in the keywords if they ask you to.
4. You must be a member of the community before commenting on other people's posts.
5. When posting icons remember only to post ones you don't mind being taken, it's your full right to ask for credit but don't post them if you don't want other people to take them.
6. Not really a rule but if you like what you see, please leave the creator a comment, people always like feedback.
7. ANY celebrity is accepted here meaning Actors, Actresses, Musicians, Wrestlers, Sports teams, TV/Movie characters, etc.
8. If filling an icon request please comment in that person's post so other people don't begin filling it as well.
9. Respect the moderators and myself, we will not put up with any crap.
10. Have fun and spread the word!


daz3d1 - main icon